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About IEEE

IEEE (pronounced "I triple E") is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. We are a group dedicated to professionalism, connections, and our projects.

Our mission

Our mission as the local chapter is to provide engineers with technical, social, and professional development in the engineering field. We aim to be the leading engineering organization on campus, providing more opportunities for student improvement outside the classroom. We are committed in providing engineers with career enhancement, engineering social events, and growth in their respective professions.


To become a student member, simply show up to any meetings, events, or projects that interest you!

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- See the Calendar for our upcoming events.
- Join the Discord server to chat!

If you have any suggestions, please email ieeeucr@gmail.com


With the move to online activities, you can find us playing video games on Discord voice chat every now and then. We also have dedicated Minecraft servers courtesy of Dylan. See the #minecraft channel on our Discord for more information.

- <Pixelmon server>

- <Feed the Beast: Revelations server>

- <Vanilla server>